Chinese New Year POP-UP Card with Lokamade

16 FEB 2019, 4:00PM–6:00PM
Fee: RM30/pax (max 20 pax)

To register please email

Taoyi Ceramics Clay Workshop

23 FEB 2019 & 27 APR 2019
Session 1: 10:00AM–12:00PM
Session 2: 1:30PM–3:30PM
Fee: RM120/pax* (1 artwork) (max 10 pax/class)

Suitable for both adults and children** (ages 5 and above). You will be able to work with natural clay, to relax your mind and create your own style of tableware under the guidance of Clay Loo of Taoyi Studio. For more information or to register, email or send a WhatsApp message to Clay Loo at +6016 358 6966

*  Fees are applicable for one workshop and include the clay, glazing and firing for one artwork.
** Children must be accompanied by a parent.

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop

2 MAR 2019
Japanese Binding: 10:30AM–1:30PM
Buttonhole Stitch Binding: 2:30PM–5:30PM
Fee: RM160/pax

Japanese Stab Binding — The traditional Japanese bookbinding technique has a simple, contemporary appeal and it’s excellent for beginners. Participants will learn 4 techniques of Japanese stab binding and from there, they will choose their favourite one and make a bigger book with the hard cover method.

Buttonhole Stitch Binding — Semi-covered spine with a very sleek binding and decorative fabric for cover. The organic style of the buttonhole stitch method creates a naturally beautiful object that works well as a sketchbook, photo album or journal. With medium level of difficulty, participants will learn how to stitch and assemble the paper with a hard cover.

To register please email

Micro Green Workshop with Eats Shoots & Roots

9 MAR 2019,
Fee: RM125/pax (includes a starter kit)

Learn the basics of growing your own micro greens to garnish your salads and meals. Ready to be harvested within 2 weeks. Growing micro greens is a great way to get into growing your own food, without having to wait too long!

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Modern Calligraphy with Owl & Quill

10 MAR 2019
Fee: RM210/pax (bring a friend and get RM10 off)

Beginner and ‘leftie’ friendly, this class focuses on the basics of pointed pen calligraphy from basic strokes all the way to making words.

To register please email

Nasi Kerabu Miniature Workshop with Miniature Concept

17 MAR 2019, 10:30AM–2:30PM
Fee: RM220/pax (materials inclusive)

Come and learn how to make this tiny dish from clay! You will get hands-on experience using clay sculpting and colour mixing skills.

To register please email

Paper Making with Slumberbugs

30 MAR 2019
Session 1 (age 7–9): 10:00AM–12:30PM
Session 2 (age 10–12): 2:00PM–4:30PM
Fee: RM100/pax

This is a paper-making workshop where children get to learn and experience making recycled paper from scratch.

To register please email

‘Belajar Bersama’ – Woodcut Printmaking by Pangrok Sulap

6 APR 2019
Session 1: 10:00AM–2:00PM
Session2 : 3:00PM–7:00PM
Fee: RM120/pax (all materials are provided)

Pangrok Sulap is a collective of artists, musicians and social activists with the purpose of empowering communities through art. Pangrok Sulap emphasizes the DIY concept, hence its slogan ‘Jangan Beli, Bikin Sendiri’ (Don’t Buy, DIY).

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Acrylic Pouring Art by Arhnue Tan

7 APR 2019, 12:00PM–3:00PM
Fee: RM250/pax

Come and learn an abstract and therapeutic style of acrylic painting. Create beautiful artworks from the power of pigments and gravity. All materials included.

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Textile Design: Drawing & Painting by Shan Shan Lim

13 APR 2019, 1:30PM–4:30PM
Fee: RM160/pax (max 10 pax/class)

A short course by Shan Shan Lim to introduce patterns in textile design as well as to explore various drawing techniques to create unique motifs for a repeat pattern.

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