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Curator & Artists' Tour

20 OCT 2018, 4PM, LEVEL 3
Join us on a curatorial/artists’ tour with Vignes Balasingam, Director of OBSCURA Festival of Photography, and artists Alvin Lau and Elliott Koon of Malaysia, Lee Chang Ming of Singapore and Watsamon Tri-yasakda of Thailand.

ILHAM CONVERSATIONS: Representation, Agency & Censorship In Photography

21 OCT 2018, 3PM, LEVEL 3
Lee Chang Ming (Singapore) & Watsamon Tri-yasakda (Thailand) will speak about their works and will be joined later by Malaysian activist and photographer Pang Khee Teik to discuss the social and political importance of representing communities in photography, and the agency which comes with this ability to represent and be represented. The panel will also discuss the ethical and philosophical problems with censorship that exists in many Southeast Asian countries. Moderated by Sharaad Kuttan.

ILHAM COVERSATIONS: With Alvin Lau & Elliot Koon

27 OCT 2018, 3PM, LEVEL 3
Malaysian photographers Alvin Lau and Elliott Koon will be discussing their works, processes and their experiences at the programme. This will be an overview of their individual projects, the programme’s processes and reflections on the photobook, the travelling exhibition, and on working together on this group show.

ILHAM CONVERSATRIONS: An Overview Of Malaysian Photobooks

3 NOV 2018, 3PM, LEVEL 3
This event will feature prominent independ- ent photobook makers and photographers who will exhibit and speak about the impor- tance of the photographic practice and the publishing of work. Speakers include Nadia J. Mahfix, Nik Adam and Hafiz Hamzah of Obscura Malaysia.